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Get Your Natural Stone Looking New Again…


External Facade & Paving Hot Low Pressure cleaning, High Reach Access Cleaning


Joint Compound / Mortar, Chewing Gum & Stain Removal


Multiple Breathable Protective Applications & Treatments


Drone Surveys, Condition Diagnosis Reports


Various Dustless Blasting for Stone Restoration,Surface Prep & Paint Removal.


Cost Neutral Annual Cleaning Maintenance Programs

Delicate Cleaning With Rapid Restoration – Even In High Footfall Areas

Is maintaining your natural stone costing too much time, energy & effort and still not looking its best?

Then we can help you…

In order to get it fresh, clean & looking new again, we need to keep on top of it for you, using our

4 Step Natural Cleansing & Protection Process

Made worse by the fact, that if this isn’t done the right way, the stone can be heavily stained permanently & possibly need replacing.

Which is why we are here, to keep your stone looking like new all year round.

4 Step Natural Cleansing & Protection Process

Site Survey & Consult

Comprehensive, detailed drone Stone Care Survey carried out & report provided, followed by advise relevant solution


Using PH neutral cleaning materials, low pressure & high heat, your surfaces are cleaned, prepared and inspected for breathable protection application


All surfaces are dried to ensure the substrate is perfectly dry for adhesion & ready for long term protection


Depending which system your stone requires, the teams apply the specific clear treatment via spray equipment to ensure the desired coverage is met

Start Cleansing, Restoring & Preserving Your Stone Surfaces Today..


Your stunning natural stone facades & paving can be restored & protected, against the daily footfall & environmental weathering which really takes its toll.

You can also benefit from a range of various breathable invisible treatments & waterproofing systems, to prevent external water ingress whilst allowing moisture to release through the beautiful stone from the inside.



This then means a considerable reduction in all types of general natural staining, water ingress, and gum adhesion, which really helps reduce overall cleaning time and keeps it vibrant continuously plus.. restoring its original colours and natural vibrancy.


Once your yearly maintenance schedule is set in place for you, it can be clean as when it was brand new .. all year round!!

Leaving you time to focus on other aspects of your program…

We Clean Natural Surfaces & High Footfall Areas

For These Organisations and many more

Heritage projects completed, no accidents and no deadlines missed

Million sq metres of natural stone cleaned & protected throughout the UK 

Years established, with over 100 years joint experience to manage your project


New Luxury Private Apartments – Chelsea Barraks London

Our team was just completing the first phase of development and needed to get all of the new paving cleaned for the handover to our client. Once all the plant and fencing was removed, I was concerned due to the amount of grout smearing that was very noticeable all over the site, we spoke to the stone manufacturer and they recommended SCS who came over and got a plan together and rectified the issue with their teams ready for the opening.

Mr E Coleman 

Construction Director

City Centre Shopping Area – Bath

We spent 3 years trying to clean our own city’s paving to a decent standard, with our in house staff and  machinery with significant investment in, but after spending huge amounts every year and not getting the results we wanted & I had enough.

Got in touch with SCS and now they clean it all 6 times per year and its cleaner and brighter than ever and its much more efficient for us, plus it always looks great all year round, Highly recommend these guys, very professional, wish I could have them in every month , as Its addictive having the paving this clean.

Mr G Henderson

Retail Centre Director

Re Development City Centre – Wharf Green Swindon

I didn’t believe in sealing paving at all & had previous concerns about maintaining this particular stone from other projects in the past. In our pre start meetings our stone supplier advised that QSS can help look after this particular stone for us. Following a test panel carried on site, they proved to me that they can seal the paving and not change the appearance plus its breathable ,which is exactly what I needed for the spec. It really helped the cleaning process and gum was so much easier to remove.

Mrs S.Brett


Senior Architect

Main High Street – Cardiff

The chewing gum was everywhere and it seemed impossible to remove and keep on top of it. I had tried several different methods to no avail. It was a constant headache and a real embarrassment for the city. Thankfully, I discovered Stone cleaning specialist. They were able to remove all of the chewing gum from the pavement, leaving it looking clean and vibrant. They also sealed the pavement with an anti-chewing gum coating which makes it much easier to maintain. The difference is astounding. The pavement is now a pleasure to walk on and the city looks much more presentable.

Mr G Townsend 


City Centre Manager

High End Residential Flats – Kensington London

I was faced with a constant headache: the external stone facades were always looking dull and green.. The green algae and moss were not only unsightly but didn’t represent the building , thankfully, I discovered Stone cleaning specialist. They were able to clean the stone facades and seal them with a specially formulated sealer that has proven to be extremely effective. The results have been outstanding and the facades now look clean, bright, and vibrant and I have received many compliments from residents about how beautiful the building looks. I highly recommend these guys to anyone facing a similar problem. It is a relief to know that the building’s external facades are protected and will look beautiful for many years to come. I can finally say goodbye to my constant headache and hello to a beautiful, protected, and easy to maintain building.

Mr L Bellew


Estate Manager


We can help make your natural stone look cleaner, brighter and vibrant all year round, without causing any delays, headaches or mistakes, get in touch today.

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